The Spanish – Jewish Humor of the Sephardic Jews in the Balkan Countries.

Download the conference The Spanish – Jewish Humor of the Sephardic Jews in the Balkan Countries, especially Bulgaria, Origin, Properties, Examples, Categories and Relationship to other Languages given by Dr. Marcel Israel, during the 6th ucLadino, UCLA, March 03, 2017.

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Table of Contents:

1. Jewish Joke, important Scholars and Writers
2. Sephardic Joke, Sephardic versus Ashkenazic Humor.
3. Ladino (Djudezmo) and the Humor on the Balkans especially in Bulgaria, Origin, Interlinguistic Impact
4. Ladino from Bulgaria: Examples of Jokes and Wordplays, created in various circumstances- “las Shakás Djudías”. Categories of Sephardic Humor
5. Future studies

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