Hispanic Jewish Foundation


The mission of the Fundación HispanoJudía is the rapprochement between Hispanic and Jewish cultures; and the outreach, encouragement and promotion of Jewish culture in all its aspects and expressions.

In order to fulfill its mission, the Foundation's main project is the establishment and development of the Museo HispanoJudío, a cultural centre located in Madrid that will help the millenary history of the Jewish people become known by both Spanish society and international tourists. Therefore it will contribute, by promoting tolerance, to eradicate the blight of antisemitism.

Outreach, encouragement and promotion of Jewish culture, in all its aspects and expressions

The Foundation

The Fundación HispanoJudía is a non-profit organization that aims for the following objectives:

  • · To promote relations between Israel, Spain and Latin America, especially through their respective Jewish Communities
  • · To recover the historical memory of the role that Jews have undertaken in the Spanish nation and in Europe over the many centuries of our history
  • · To promote and disseminate Jewish technology, science and culture
  • · To promote intercultural dialogue and the exchange of cultural diversity in Europe and other regions of the world, especially in Israel and Latin America
  • · To promote social awareness against neo-antisemitism, xenophobia and racism, and against religious, racial or any kind of intolerance
  • · To defend democratic coexistence, the safety and protection of citizens and their rights and freedoms.
Building bridges between Latin America and Israel
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Museo HispanoJudío

A Jewish Museum shall be established in Madrid. It will display three thousand years of history, highlighting the Jewish contributions made to Spain and to the world.

Teoría de la relatividad. Albert Einstein

Cultural and scientific promotion

It will promote all cultural, scientific and technological assets of the Jewish culture, and encourage values such as tolerance and diversity, with a strong vocation for multiculturalism.

Living Judaism

Museo HispanoJudío

The achievements, lives, traditions and stories of living Judaism from Abraham to Zuckerberg.

Introducing visitors to the life of Jews and Judaism as part of life. Using stories and experiences to bring visitors up close and personal to inspiring personalities.

Engaging them in a dialogue beyond religion, extending into philosophy, culture, science and entertainment.

A vibrant space that is itself Living Judaism