See some of the activities that the Hispanic - Jewish Foundation will carry out to fulfil its aims, which are to disseminate the knowledge of the Jewish culture, to facilitate intercultural dialogue and to promote social awareness against neo-antisemitism, xenophobia and racism, and against religious, racial or any kind of intolerance.

Vitral sinagoga

The creation of the Jewish Museum of Spain, covering three thousand years of history and highlighting the Jewish contributions made to Spain and to the world.

Escritura hebrea

The launch of a Digital Multimedia Project, including a web 4.0 or ubiquitous web, social networks and a global digital communication strategy to disseminate Jewish technology, science and culture on the Internet.


It will work with publications such as the Raíces (Roots) magazine – a Jewish art, literature and opinion magazine that has been published since 1986, with the aim of disseminating Jewish culture in Spain.

Teoría de la relatividad. Albert Einstein

It will present the cultural, scientific and technological assets of the Jewish culture, and promote values such as tolerance and diversity, with a strong vocation for multiculturalism.

Primer plano de la antigua estrella de David

It will showcase the diversity of contemporary Jewish art and culture.

Compromiso social

It will seek social commitment (social engagement) in showcasing philanthropic projects in Spain, Latin America and the world.

Mark Zuckerberg creó Facebook

It will disseminate the scientific, technological, social and cultural achievements of citizens with Jewish origins and their contributions to modern societies.

Judería de Toledo

It will develop and promote Jewish and Sephardic culture and Judeo-Spanish language in all its manifestations. In this regard, the Foundation will promote joint agreements and actions with the ASALE-Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española (Association of Spanish Language Academies),  the RAE-Real Academia Española (Royal Spanish Academy) and the Judeo-Spanish Academy in Israel.

Lectura de la Torá

It will contribute to the development of the cultural heritage of the Sephardic community, establishing the necessary mechanisms.


It will act as an information and coordination center for companies and organizations who wish to engage with the Foundation on various topics such as promoting studies, developing research and development initiatives, offering scholarships, sponsorships, project financing and others.


It will establish channels of communication and institutional relations and it will serve as a channel for dialogue and collaboration with other people or entities, as well as signing any agreements regarding Jewish culture that may be required.

Fragment of old Jerusalem fence with decorative menorah on the rusty metal flower.

Other activities

  • · Book publishing
  • · Social awareness events
  • · Collaboration with Universities
  • · Training, teaching and research
  • · Organization of seminars, conferences, courses, etc.
  • · Advisory, consultancy, services and information
  • · Production of fiction films or documentaries for cinema and tv
  • · Cultural and social activities aimed at achieving harmonious coexistence between different groups and cultures
  • · Fight against antisemitism and for the dissemination of Jewish, Sephardic and Israeli cultural heritage.